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Wizardry Lesson # 9 – Who the heck regulates our pet food?

Summary And what does it mean when my pet food is AAFCO approved? I’ll go over this and more in great detail, launching into one of my most in-depth podcasts yet. Don’t skip this one – it’s not as simple or as boring as it may sound! Regulations and legislation can make our eyes glaze…

The Host

Tryniti Thresher

The Animal Nutrition Wizard herself, Tryniti! A continuously self-educating advocate of evidence-based pet nutrition, her passions include animals (of course), astronomy, video games, and hula hooping! With more than six years of experience working under a veterinary nutritionist, she has also received several nutrition course completion certifications, read published works on nutrition by DVMs, and attended workshops and seminars on CBD for pets.


A 13 year old Schnorkie that keeps watch over your podcast host, this is Suki. She is a 9 pound Miniature Schnauzer and Yorkie mix, who loves apples, beanbag chairs, and playing keep away.

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